We will dedicate ourselves to organizing, supporting and fighting for:


ALL Texan’s Natural and Constitutional Rights
Preserving our Liberties and way of life for future generations
Removing the apathy from our neighbors and motivating them to action
Preventing the watering down and undermining of our Constitution
Preventing our history from being rewritten and removed

Who we are:
We are red, yellow, black and white!  We are the masses of Texans who are fed-up with allowing the extreme groups from both the right and the left to tread on our constitutional rights and undermine the true heart of Texas!  We are done with watching terms like individual respect and accountability slowly fade into oblivion;  seeing our legislators deny us, those they represent and work for; and, watching our Texas values be trampled and pushed aside.

We ARE NOT racists
We ARE NOT bigots
We ARE NOT a hate group
We ARE NOT militia
We ARE NOT the silent majority any longer!

We are non-partisan TEXAS PATRIOTS and will show all who oppose Texas that we are neither passive nor powerless!  We will not be sidelined or divided any longer!

God bless you Texas!  And keep you brave and strong.
That you may grow in power and worth, throughout the ages long.

© 2017 by Texas Patriot Network.